NOBDA 113th Extended Sessioin will convene : Saturday, October 27, 2018 at 10:00 a.m.

at Zion Chapel Baptist Church – 4243 Lee Road – Cleveland, Ohio  44128, Rev. George O. Stewart, Pastor

*All Committees please bring your final Reports – All going out Officers, please bring ALL (materials, books etc.) to  be handed over to the new incoming Officers.

Welcome To All Our New Pastors

by Moderator Kenneth L Simon
Churches in SSD, CleveSD, AkronSD & C/W/YSD  (Click Link At Left For Complete Text)


by Moderator Kenneth L. Simon
Moderator  (Click Link At Left For Complete Text)

As the seventeeth Moderator of The Great Northern Ohio Baptist District Association Inc. and Auxiliaries, I would like to focus on Unity, Equipping and Empowering the Saints to Serve.  Together, we can do this by (1) encouraging participation, (2) making our aims purposeful, (3)staying Mission minded and community conscious, (4)stay Financially accountable, (5)intellectually inclusive, (6)spiritual lead and motivated, and lastly(7) exhibit Christ’s love in service with enthusaism.